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Prices of Rubbish Removal Services

Rubbish removal prices may seem expensive, but you should always avoid using cheap rubbish removal services if you care about environment and don’t want to get penalty for fly tipping. We dispose of all the rubbish responsibly and we are fully insured and licensed waste carrier. You can view our license here CBDU130269

Minimum charge is only £70 – this is for collection of just 1 bulky item or up to 10 light bags, not bigger than 1 cubic yard and not heavier than 60 kg and already put out outside for collection with easy access to park our vehicle (1 single mattress, 1 armchair, or 4 chairs, 1 disassembled wardrobe, emptying of  1 wheelie bin or up to 10 light bags)

Load Size Kg Price
(excluding VAT)
Loading Time
(included in price)
Minimum charge – up to 1 cubic yard 60 kg max £70.00 5 min
Small Load – 1-2 cubic yards 150 kg max £85.00 5 min
Quarter Load – 3 cubic yards 500 kg max £110.00 15 min
Half Load – 6 cubic yards 750 kg max £190.00 20 min
3/4 Load – 9 cubic yards 900 kg max £290.00 45 min
Full Load – 12 cubic yards 1250 kg max £340.00 60 min
Additional charges: 1 Mattress £30, 1 Small Fridge £60, 1 Large Fridge £80, 1 Tyre £10, Additional Loading Labour Time £25/h
Please note that in a rare event of inaccurate quote, we will contact you regarding additional charges because all the waste we collect is disposed responsibly and we have to pay fixed rates for recycling and disposing of various waste. This can happen in certain scenarios, when customer didn’t provide us with enough information about the rubbish that needs collecting. Sometimes the waste cannot physically fit in our vans due to exceeding dimensions or weight limit.

From 1st of October 2020 we will be charging £15 additional fee for Congestion Charge.

Please note that in case of heavy builders rubble, we must charge by weight, as we cannot fill the whole van full of rubble due to weight limit.

Trusted Partners

We have a great working relationship with many companies who use our rubbish removal service. Rubbishcut  provides waste clearance for construction companies, property managers, estate agents, private landlords and many other various businesses.

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